When It Rains It Snows

December 11, 2017

First holiday miracle, snow... in Texas! We were all huddled in the house keeping warm because it was freezing outside. I checked my phone to see what temperature it was and lo and behold there were snowflakes next to the temp on my app. With a quick dash like a child to see if it was true I ran outside and yelled, "It really is snowing!" we bundled up and awed at the flakes falling for about an hour. Snow flurried and floated all night until the next day. The following photos were taken at my sister in laws where we are staying.

And with the magic of some pre Christmas snow comes the next miracle!

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  1. How wonderful that you received the gift of snow, Holly. It snowed in Georgia where Nel lives too, and it was a winter wonderland. Seeing all your snow pictures made my heart sing.


  2. Truly breath taking! Love the photos! Magic and miracles, in deed! Big Hugs!




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